Our Thanksgiving

Monday, a week ago, I celebrated my 33rd birthday.  By choice, it was a very low key day.  I didn’t have anything I really wanted.  Plus, just a few days after my birthday, we were traveling to Virginia Beach to visit some of my family for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Eve, we packed up the truck and hit the road.  The rest of my family was already there, but Hubby and I both worked half days that Wednesday.  Aside from a little traffic outside of Charlotte and Hubby getting a speeding ticket, the drive was good.  It was great to see family.  It was my family’s first visiting VA Beach and the home of my cousin hosting the meal.  He has a grandchildren RJ’s age, so RJ had great playmates, once he broke out of his “shy” phase.  Thursday, we ate, ate, and ate some more.  *I tried my hand at baking a cake for the first time.  Some of my chocolate pound cake was actually eaten.  I was pleased.*

The 3 Musketeers

Thanksgiving evening, we abandoned the husbands and babies and headed out.  I was going join a few of my cousins and try my hand at  BINGO for the first time.  However, I decided to go with the group who was going shopping instead.  Off we went to Sears.  They were having a sale on a flat screen tv.  One of my cousins wanted it for her MIL.  She waited in a ridiculously long line while myself and two of my teenage cousins sat in the car.   After two hours in the line, she learned the vouchers for the tv had been given out and they wouldn’t give out any more until 4am…ummm…it was 8pm at the time. Case closed.  We headed back to house to sleep for a few hours and hit the streets again at 5am.

My cousin who lives in VA is retired from the NAVY.  So, we hit two Navy Exchanges for shopping.  Good sales and no taxes! Need I say more?  My family members racked up shoes, designer handbags, clothes and electronics.  *I stuck to my budget and resisted the urge to buy for the sake of buying.  I scored Hubby a much need pair of Nike sneakers for work and 3 pairs 0f nice fuzzy of socks for myself! *  We then doubled back to the house to unload the mornings loot then hit  mall.  I purchased a couple of Christmas gifts for RJ, and a pair of pants for me.

After a few hours of resting back at the house, the ladies went back out to shop.  Hubby, RJ and I dropped off my cousin’s wife with the rest of the shopaholics.  *Only after we used her military i.d. at the Coast Guard Exchange so I could do some alcohol shopping.* Then,we headed to Norfolk Botanical Gardens for their Christmas light display.  We drove through 2miles of Christmas lights.  It was decent and it was something we could do as a family.  It was a nice break from the rest of the family and shopping.

Saturday afternoon we heading back home to avoid the Sunday traffic and so I could start getting our house ready for Christmas.  It was a great holiday filled with family,food, shopping and fun.  Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one, too!

The Proof is in the Pictures

One final post about RJ’s 2nd birthday…

Last Tuesday afternoon I took RJ to beautiful Falls Park for his birthday photo shoot.  In true toddler fashion, he was all over the place.  He ran around screaming and laughing between shots and spent the time running after him.  It rained the day before and of course he fell several times in the still wet and muddy grass.  While I was about at my wits end, Emily, the photographer said she was getting great shots.  Well, I had to hold back tears when she posted this sampling of  what her camera captured on her Facebook page today.  I’m guessing that’s proof that she was more than right!

How We Did 2

Earlier this week, my little guy celebrated his 2nd birthday.  It was a very low key affair.  I didn’t slave over party details, guest lists or themes as I did for his first birthday.  Actually, I didn’t host a party at all.  We took a vacation a few months ago, are heading out of town to visit family next week, Christmas is right around the corner and really I just wasn’t up for all the work I put in last year. Last year, I spent quite a bit of cash on his party.   So, I had Hubby get the details on what I needed to do to have a mini “party” at RJ’s school and I went with that plan.  I baked these Ina Garten cupcakes minus the coconut and was all set!  Sunday night I had Hubby go pick up some balloons and after RJ went to bed, I set up his gifts downstairs for him to open Monday morning.  Then, off he went to school.

During my split shift, I packed up the car and headed to the school for the cupcake party.  I read books to the kids, they sang Happy Birthday to RJ and devoured the cupcakes.

Ringing the “Let’s Eat” bell!

Hubby wasn’t able to get away from work to join in on the cupcake fun.  The plan had been for him to take RJ home after his “party”.  I couldn’t bear to leave him and knew that he would pitch a fit if I did, so I took him to work with me.  He followed me foot-to-foot and blessed my office floor with cupcake crumbs until Hubby came to take him home.  Then, he spent the remainder of the evening Facetiming and talking on the phone to family and friends wishing him happy birthday.

Tuesday, I took off from work and RJ stayed home with me.  He had a birthday photo shoot in Falls Park with Emily from Kismet Photography.  He visited the “Terrible Two” zone a few times during the shoot.  However, I think the pictures will be awesome and can’t wait to see them next week!  Of course, I will post a few.

Wednesday morning he had his 2 year check-up.  It went well he’s 34 inches tall and 25 pounds… Growing up, not out.  I was given encouragement of potty training, but also told it could be another year before he “gets it”.  Overall, she was pleased and barring no illness, he won’t have to go back until 2 1/2 (if our insurance covers it) or 3.

It’s amazing how much he’s changed and grown in the last year.  He’s counting, saying his ABC’s, breaking out into random nursery rhyme songs.  He loves sports and balls,  books and our cell phones!  He’s a huge fan of horsing around with Hubby, being outside and driving the dogs crazy.  He’s never met a popsicle, piece meat, chicken, pork or fruit he didn’t like! He’s my Doodlebug and I LOVE him!!

The Birthday Day Boy!!

RJ is 2!

Yesterday, my baby celebrated his 2nd birthday! I’ll do a full post on the day later this week. Until then…

Happy Birthday, RJ!

Hello There!

Before I get into this post, please let me share this:

One of my brothers, my sister and other members of my family live in NYC.  Hubby’s entire immediate family is in Queens.  My mother-in-law and her husband, two sisters-in-law, a brother-in-law and our little niece all live in Rockaway.  It was one of the areas hit hard by Sandy.  Though they sustained flooding and loss of electricity, they weren’t as hard hit as others in the area.  Like many others, they didn’t leave because they didn’t think it would be as bad as it was.  Things could have easily been a lot worse for them.  The bay is not even a block from my MIL’s house.  They have a generator and thanks to the kindness of others and my sister-in-law who lives in the Bronx, they are fine.  I’m are very thankful that all of our family, friends and blogger friends are well.    Please keep them and all those affected by Sandy in your prayers.

Now to the blog post:

The last time I was around these parts was exactly one month ago!  October was a little busy: Bridal shower and wedding for RJ’s sitter, PJ Party  and Trunk or Treat at RJ’s school(The last two events I organized and they kept me pretty busy).  Also, throw in a litte work drama for good measure (that needs it’s own post).  All of that and I really wasn’t feeling like posting.  However, I have enjoyed reading everyone else’s blogs:)

Now it’s November! *Where has the year gone?!*

We finally took RJ to get his haircut.  We took him to SnipIts.  It was his first cut so it was free.  We just paid $5 for the 1st cut package. They took his picture,  he got a certificate and a baggy with his hair.  He was such a trooper.  No tears or anything.  The boy had A LOT of hair with two different curl patterns.  He hated to have it combed and the tangles were endless. Also, I would send him to school with his hair out and he would come home everyday with one big braid in his hair:| One day he had one big braid and a tiny braid in the back.  During the summer, the teachers would do it or put it in a ponytail because it was hot and he would sweat a lot.  I could understand that. I would even send him with it pulled back sometimes.  However, when the temperature changed he was still coming home with his hair in a braid.  Now, it’s all in a low curly fro.  If he comes home with braids now, we will have serious problems.

All caped up and ready to go!

“Hey RJ you just got your first haircut. What are you going to do next?”
“I’m going to McDonald’s!”


The big November news *besides the election tomorrow…GO VOTE!* is that my baby boy will be turning 2 one week from today!!! Everyday he does of says something new and I’m in complete awe.  Words can’t express how much I love that kid.  Last year, as we got closer to his bday, I kept replaying the days leading up to his birth.  I find myself doing that now.  I guess I will do that every year.

We’ve decided to take some cupcakes to his class next week instead of a full blown party. I’m hoping this will set the tone for an every other year party.   The day after his birthday, he has a photo shoot to mark his big day with the photographer who took our family pics.  My birthday day is exactly one week after his. I think,  the weekend after his bday and before mine, we will just do something as family to celebrate both.   Then, it’s full steam ahead to the holidays!!!

Ahhh it feels good to type out some thoughts after keeping them in my head for a month!