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One final post about RJ’s 2nd birthday…

Last Tuesday afternoon I took RJ to beautiful Falls Park for his birthday photo shoot.  In true toddler fashion, he was all over the place.  He ran around screaming and laughing between shots and spent the time running after him.  It rained the day before and of course he fell several times in the still wet and muddy grass.  While I was about at my wits end, Emily, the photographer said she was getting great shots.  Well, I had to hold back tears when she posted this sampling of  what her camera captured on her Facebook page today.  I’m guessing that’s proof that she was more than right!

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How We Did 2

Earlier this week, my little guy celebrated his 2nd birthday.  It was a very low key affair.  I didn’t slave over party details, guest lists or themes as I did for his first birthday.  Actually, I didn’t host a party at all.  We took a vacation a few months ago, are heading out of town to visit family next week, Christmas is right around the corner and really I just wasn’t up for all the work I put in last year. Last year, I spent quite a bit of cash on his party.   So, I had Hubby get the details on what I needed to do to have a mini “party” at RJ’s school and I went with that plan.  I baked these Ina Garten cupcakes minus the coconut and was all set!  Sunday night I had Hubby go pick up some balloons and after RJ went to bed, I set up his gifts downstairs for him to open Monday morning.  Then, off he went to school.

During my split shift, I packed up the car and headed to the school for the cupcake party.  I read books to the kids, they sang Happy Birthday to RJ and devoured the cupcakes.

Ringing the “Let’s Eat” bell!

Hubby wasn’t able to get away from work to join in on the cupcake fun.  The plan had been for him to take RJ home after his “party”.  I couldn’t bear to leave him and knew that he would pitch a fit if I did, so I took him to work with me.  He followed me foot-to-foot and blessed my office floor with cupcake crumbs until Hubby came to take him home.  Then, he spent the remainder of the evening Facetiming and talking on the phone to family and friends wishing him happy birthday.

Tuesday, I took off from work and RJ stayed home with me.  He had a birthday photo shoot in Falls Park with Emily from Kismet Photography.  He visited the “Terrible Two” zone a few times during the shoot.  However, I think the pictures will be awesome and can’t wait to see them next week!  Of course, I will post a few.

Wednesday morning he had his 2 year check-up.  It went well he’s 34 inches tall and 25 pounds… Growing up, not out.  I was given encouragement of potty training, but also told it could be another year before he “gets it”.  Overall, she was pleased and barring no illness, he won’t have to go back until 2 1/2 (if our insurance covers it) or 3.

It’s amazing how much he’s changed and grown in the last year.  He’s counting, saying his ABC’s, breaking out into random nursery rhyme songs.  He loves sports and balls,  books and our cell phones!  He’s a huge fan of horsing around with Hubby, being outside and driving the dogs crazy.  He’s never met a popsicle, piece meat, chicken, pork or fruit he didn’t like! He’s my Doodlebug and I LOVE him!!

The Birthday Day Boy!!

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RJ is 2!

Yesterday, my baby celebrated his 2nd birthday! I’ll do a full post on the day later this week. Until then…

Happy Birthday, RJ!

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Rockabye Baby

One month ago. Yep, that’s the last time, with the exception of my NYC trip, I think I had a good night’s sleep.  RJ has not slept through the night in a month!   I’m tired and just about at my wits end.

First, let me confess, we still rock him to sleep… I’ve tried to break this a few times.  However, it’s never gotten to the point where we can read him bedtime stories, tuck him in and just walk off into the night.  We have to sit on his bed and pat his back or sit in the rocker in his room and watch him until he falls asleep.

With that being said, rocking and down for the count had been a plan that worked until a month ago.  Then, something, I’m not sure what, happened and my life hasn’t been the same.  We still read stories, rock and go to dreamland, but now he wakes up a couple of hours later.  We go in rock him and he appears to be peacefully sleeping… until we put him down.  Then, his head pops up and he’s acts as if he drank 10 cups of coffee.  This continues until we realize it’s 5am and we want to get a little sleep.  So, we cave and bring him to our room, he is asleep as soon as his head hits our mattress!  We wake up cranky and sleep deprived and he wakes up happy because he knows he will take a 2 hour nap at daycare!

Yes, I’ve tried CIO method.  I must have the one child that doesn’t get that method.  He cries for 10-15 mins, I go in put him back in bed and calm him down, I leave, he cries for 10-15.  He can keep this cycle going FOREVER FOREVER EVER FOREVER EVER! We either have to hold him all night, take him to our bed or continue our CIO, up and down, cycle.

For the last two nights, I have been able to get him to go back to sleep in his own bed.  However, he still wakes up no fewer than 3x during the night.

Another confession, last night I think CIO method may have worked.  I was so tired, I think I slept through his crying and calling my name. When I woke up, it was quiet but I didn’t see him in his bed on the monitor. I went into his room and found him curled up and knocked out on the rocker.  I know he didn’t end up in that chair quietly.  Fearful that he would toss and turn and fall on the floor,*he is a ROUGH sleeper* I put him in his bed.  Sure enough, not long after he was up again.  So, maybe the CIO method does work if I let it?! He just sounds so sad when he’s crying and calling my name…

Tonight, I’ve resolved to, conscientiously, let the CIO method play itself out.  Our house is in desperate need of sleep! I hope things start to change soon.  He currently has a cold. Yesterday, the doctor said I could give him benadryl in the morning and at night.  I hate that he’s not 100%, but was hopeful that the medicine would make him sleep through the night.  I was dead wrong!  I know I’m in need of a good night’s sleep when I start hoping my child’s cold will equal rest for me.

Once we’re back to sleeping through the night, we’ll begin work on getting to sleep without rocking.  Just when I think I’ve figured this parenting thing out, I feel like I have to take 3 steps back. *sigh*

Anyone else experiencing toddler sleep issues? Any helpful advice?

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The Park: Then and Now

The weather has been wonderful here. Last week, we took RJ to the park for the first time this year! Though we spent time outdoors with him last year, I realized I’d only taken him to the park to play once last year.   I’d  taken him for rides through the park in his stroller but not to actually play.  He was too young and not walking during the warm weather months.  Well that has all changed. He was walking around, climbing stairs and sliding down the slide, and crawling through tunnels all by himself yesterday. He had a blast and we enjoyed watching him play. Just look at how much he has grown!

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