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How We Did 2

Earlier this week, my little guy celebrated his 2nd birthday.  It was a very low key affair.  I didn’t slave over party details, guest lists or themes as I did for his first birthday.  Actually, I didn’t host a party at all.  We took a vacation a few months ago, are heading out of town to visit family next week, Christmas is right around the corner and really I just wasn’t up for all the work I put in last year. Last year, I spent quite a bit of cash on his party.   So, I had Hubby get the details on what I needed to do to have a mini “party” at RJ’s school and I went with that plan.  I baked these Ina Garten cupcakes minus the coconut and was all set!  Sunday night I had Hubby go pick up some balloons and after RJ went to bed, I set up his gifts downstairs for him to open Monday morning.  Then, off he went to school.

During my split shift, I packed up the car and headed to the school for the cupcake party.  I read books to the kids, they sang Happy Birthday to RJ and devoured the cupcakes.

Ringing the “Let’s Eat” bell!

Hubby wasn’t able to get away from work to join in on the cupcake fun.  The plan had been for him to take RJ home after his “party”.  I couldn’t bear to leave him and knew that he would pitch a fit if I did, so I took him to work with me.  He followed me foot-to-foot and blessed my office floor with cupcake crumbs until Hubby came to take him home.  Then, he spent the remainder of the evening Facetiming and talking on the phone to family and friends wishing him happy birthday.

Tuesday, I took off from work and RJ stayed home with me.  He had a birthday photo shoot in Falls Park with Emily from Kismet Photography.  He visited the “Terrible Two” zone a few times during the shoot.  However, I think the pictures will be awesome and can’t wait to see them next week!  Of course, I will post a few.

Wednesday morning he had his 2 year check-up.  It went well he’s 34 inches tall and 25 pounds… Growing up, not out.  I was given encouragement of potty training, but also told it could be another year before he “gets it”.  Overall, she was pleased and barring no illness, he won’t have to go back until 2 1/2 (if our insurance covers it) or 3.

It’s amazing how much he’s changed and grown in the last year.  He’s counting, saying his ABC’s, breaking out into random nursery rhyme songs.  He loves sports and balls,  books and our cell phones!  He’s a huge fan of horsing around with Hubby, being outside and driving the dogs crazy.  He’s never met a popsicle, piece meat, chicken, pork or fruit he didn’t like! He’s my Doodlebug and I LOVE him!!

The Birthday Day Boy!!

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RJ is 2!

Yesterday, my baby celebrated his 2nd birthday! I’ll do a full post on the day later this week. Until then…

Happy Birthday, RJ!

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  • Thanksgiving is almost here!! We are heading to NY. Though, I’m not really looking forward to the drive, I’m just ready to be in the City.  Looking forward to a stress free trip and a Black Friday shopping spree with my sister and niece!

  • My 32nd birthday weekend was fab! My oldest brother and his family surprised us and took us to lunch.  We had a great time. Saturday night we hired a sitter for RJ. It went really well! I tried to put him to sleep before we left, but he refused. He cried a little after we left, but she was able to get him to sleep. I’m glad I purposely planned our dinner around his bed time! Hubby and I had a great dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. It was even better after I received the text from the sitter that RJ was sound asleep! After that, I was able to relax and enjoy our night out.

  • I read a Twitter status from a woman who was contemplating boycotting Target because their stores open at midnight for Black Friday.  Whatever! I don’t get it.  If you don’t want to get up at midnight to go shop, then don’t! There are some people who do. A lot of people want to get the best deals they can and for some, it’s just a family tradition to shop til you drop!  Granted, I won’t be in Target at midnight. However, I have been up an out at 5am shopping on previous Black Fridays.   I feel midnight or 5am still too damn early to shopping in ANY store! LOL  However, I’ve done it and loved it!  You’re going to petition and boycott a store for  bringing in as much revenue as it can in a down economy? Hmmmm…  Why not stop there? Why not make the movie theaters stop Friday midnight showings of movies. I mean those  Sex and the City (myself included) and Twilight  groupies could have waited until 12 noon Friday to proclaim their Big or team Jacob love.  Come on people, give me a break.

My blog…My opinion…


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Birthday Wishes:

First, I would like to wish my wonderful Hubby a happy birthday! He is finally a member of the 30 club:) I think 30 is a big milestone, but he wants to keep it low key. So, we didn’t do anything. Having just planned RJ’s baptism brunch, I don’t mind low key. However, he didn’t request any fanfare! Not a luxury item, CD or even a PS3 game! Maybe that’s one of the differences between men and women. The year leading up to my 30th, I let it what I wanted, be known! A LV Speedy 30 handbag! No party, just that bag…an a NICE dinner! A girl has to eat! LOL
Maybe I can get him to go out to dinner this weekend. He needs to understand, “30’s the new 20, he’s so hot, still!” If you’re not a Jay-Z fan the previous line is not for you! LOL

Lenten Promises:

Today is Ash Wednesday,the first day of the Lenten season. RJ an I woke up early this morning an attended the 7am mass. As our priest says, attending the early mass, is the best way to get your money’s worth from the ashes!
This year, I’ve decided to give up Facebook, Twitter and text messaging. I’ve also decided to join the Hubby and give up red meat and pork. I’m not so worried about the forgoing the meat, but Facebook, Twitter and texting are my guilty pleasures. When I’m nursing RJ in the wee hours of the morning, I’m doing so, as I check Facebook and Twitter! My phone is the first thing I reach for when I wake up…sad but true! I constantly check both throughout the day. As for texting, it’s so easy just to send a text. “What do you want for dinner?” “How are things going?” “We are leaving now.” Who needs to actually pick up the phone? Actually hear someone’s voice? Where do they do that at?! LOL
For the next 46 days, I will be without all three of my biggest vices. I just hope I spend that free time listening to the sound of the voices of the people I love, reading the books I’ve been putting off or just enjoying the fresh air with my two favorite guys:)

I’ll keep you updated on my Lenten journey. I wish you blessings with yours.

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Bits & Pieces

  • My father passed away 5years ago today.  Time really does fly by.  He is greatly missed.
  • Today also happens to be my niece’s 11th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea:)
  • I made an attempt to research some baby products, strollers, car seats, bottles, etc.  That wore me out! Bottles w/o BPA, 5-point harnesses, travel systems….ugh… I’m on overload!
  • I’m still playing trial and error with foods that the LO & I agree on.  Just a few more weeks until the 2nd trimester.  This nausea is a killer!
  • We are so ready for vacation to start this weekend! I guess this will be our “Babymoon”! *Side Note* If we don’t agree on the food @ Lady & Sons, (Paula Deen’s) it’s gonna be TROU-BLE, TROU-BLE!

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