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Hello There!

Before I get into this post, please let me share this:

One of my brothers, my sister and other members of my family live in NYC.  Hubby’s entire immediate family is in Queens.  My mother-in-law and her husband, two sisters-in-law, a brother-in-law and our little niece all live in Rockaway.  It was one of the areas hit hard by Sandy.  Though they sustained flooding and loss of electricity, they weren’t as hard hit as others in the area.  Like many others, they didn’t leave because they didn’t think it would be as bad as it was.  Things could have easily been a lot worse for them.  The bay is not even a block from my MIL’s house.  They have a generator and thanks to the kindness of others and my sister-in-law who lives in the Bronx, they are fine.  I’m are very thankful that all of our family, friends and blogger friends are well.    Please keep them and all those affected by Sandy in your prayers.

Now to the blog post:

The last time I was around these parts was exactly one month ago!  October was a little busy: Bridal shower and wedding for RJ’s sitter, PJ Party  and Trunk or Treat at RJ’s school(The last two events I organized and they kept me pretty busy).  Also, throw in a litte work drama for good measure (that needs it’s own post).  All of that and I really wasn’t feeling like posting.  However, I have enjoyed reading everyone else’s blogs:)

Now it’s November! *Where has the year gone?!*

We finally took RJ to get his haircut.  We took him to SnipIts.  It was his first cut so it was free.  We just paid $5 for the 1st cut package. They took his picture,  he got a certificate and a baggy with his hair.  He was such a trooper.  No tears or anything.  The boy had A LOT of hair with two different curl patterns.  He hated to have it combed and the tangles were endless. Also, I would send him to school with his hair out and he would come home everyday with one big braid in his hair:| One day he had one big braid and a tiny braid in the back.  During the summer, the teachers would do it or put it in a ponytail because it was hot and he would sweat a lot.  I could understand that. I would even send him with it pulled back sometimes.  However, when the temperature changed he was still coming home with his hair in a braid.  Now, it’s all in a low curly fro.  If he comes home with braids now, we will have serious problems.

All caped up and ready to go!

“Hey RJ you just got your first haircut. What are you going to do next?”
“I’m going to McDonald’s!”


The big November news *besides the election tomorrow…GO VOTE!* is that my baby boy will be turning 2 one week from today!!! Everyday he does of says something new and I’m in complete awe.  Words can’t express how much I love that kid.  Last year, as we got closer to his bday, I kept replaying the days leading up to his birth.  I find myself doing that now.  I guess I will do that every year.

We’ve decided to take some cupcakes to his class next week instead of a full blown party. I’m hoping this will set the tone for an every other year party.   The day after his birthday, he has a photo shoot to mark his big day with the photographer who took our family pics.  My birthday day is exactly one week after his. I think,  the weekend after his bday and before mine, we will just do something as family to celebrate both.   Then, it’s full steam ahead to the holidays!!!

Ahhh it feels good to type out some thoughts after keeping them in my head for a month!

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One Year on the Job!

My office

Last Sunday marked one year on my new job!! The year has flown by.  When I started the job, my boss and co-workers told me it would take six months to get my bearings and one year to fully understand and be comfortable with the position.  That turned out to be completely true.  I made the career change because I’d fallen out of love with news and the schedule that news demanded.  I accepted this position with great hopes of doing a  job I would love and having a lot more time with my family.  I’m so blessed that I can actually say that is exactly what I’ve been experiencing this year!  Here are a few things I’ve learned and experienced after a year on the job:

  • Though the majority of our students want to better themselves, not all of our students are there because the want to be there. Some of them have to be there.  When I volunteered before I was hired, I never knew that.
  • In addition to being a program manager, receptionist, teacher and adviser, I’m also a counselor.  Sometimes students and volunteers just want to tell you their personal problems.
  • Managing a work force of volunteers can be a blessing and a course.
  • When I accepted the job, I only thought about helping students reach their academic goals.  I didn’t think about how proud yet sadden I would be when they accomplished their goals and left the program.
  • I never imagined a student would sit in my office and confess the they considered committing suicide on their way to school that day.  I’d never felt so helpless, scared and unprepared in my life.  Thank god for my cell phone and licensed social worker co-manager!
  • I’ve learned that what seems like a no brainer to me, come to class, study, get your GED, get a better job and provide a better life for your family, isn’t so cut and dry to my students.
  • Only seeing your boss for two hours, once every two weeks is quite cool!
  • Having only female coworkers isn’t as bad as I imagined. Maybe that’s because we all only get together for two hours, once every two weeks;)

I’m extremely happy with where my life is right now and this career change has a lot to do with that.  I’m home to cook and enjoy dinner with my family and put my son to bed at night.  I can plan weekend activities months in advance without the threat of cancelling because I have to fill in for a vacationing coworker.  I really adore my co-manager.  I love that I never know what student, volunteer, story or situation will walk through our doors each day.  Non-profit work, never a dull moment. Who knew?!

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Sisterly Love

In my last few posts, I’ve been talking about my trip to NYC this weekend to spend time with my sister.  As you are reading this, I’m either in the air or already there!   I thought this would be the perfect time to share the story of my sister and me.

Serena and me

I am my mother’s only child. My mother married my stepfather, who I call Dad, and he had three sons. My biological father, who I call James, has two sons, they have the same mom, and my sister, from another woman.  *One of my half-brothers claims there is another sister, but I think I’m all siblinged out!*  Anyway, I grew up with my step-brothers and my half-brothers were around intermittently.  *All siblings are older than me.*

Hubby and I with all of my siblings!


Now, rewind to nearly six years ago, a month or so before my wedding. One of half-brother’s calls me and says he just spoke with our sister on the phone and I should invite her to my wedding.  Ummm…ok…  I’d heard James mention her before but, I was not keen on inviting someone I’d never met to my wedding!  He assured me she wasn’t a serial killer and suggested I talk to her on the phone first.  I can’t remember if she called me or I called her, but I do remember sitting in the living room of the apartment I shared with my then fiance and being a little nervous.  What would we talk about? Would I like her? Would I like her enough to invite her to my wedding? Would she like me?

I think we were both nervous, but in no time we were chatting and laughing. That first conversation lasted for hours!  There was an instant connection.  I can’t explain it. It was as if we’d know each other our entire lives.  So, of course, I invited her and her family, husband and daughter, to the wedding.  On January 12, 2007 at my rehearsal dinner, I met my sister for the very first time! We have been close ever since.  Our husbands both groan when we get on the phone with each other because they know we will be unavailable for hours.

When my family travels to NY, I always try to set aside a day of the trip to spend with her. She traveled here for one of my baby showers, but we haven’t found the time for the two of us to take a few days and hang out. That’s the plan for this trip. Three days of laughs, great conversations, food, drinking, shopping and the city!

I hope you have a great weekend. I know I will!

Fun times! Ice skating in Bryant Park NYE 2009. Serena just got up from falling!  My niece is picking up her belongings:)

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I was having trouble coming up with a Father’s Day gift for Hubby. Last year I gave him a photo book of pictures of him and RJ. Well, I was creatively drained from the Mother’s Day photo book of RJ’s artwork for the grandmothers this year.  So, I had to come up with something else. My co-workers suggested a day trip somewhere and that got the wheels turning and I planned the fun-filled weekend!


I “stole” Hubby’s truck from the parking garage at his job filled up the tank and got it washed. He was pleasantly surprised when he discovered it and the cute note I left on the dash.

That evening, I made sure to tell him to be home by 5:30pm. I had dinner ready for him and RJ and then sent them off for a surprise trip to the “Daddy and Me” event at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate.  They had a blast exploring the museum and taking part in the craft projects.

Hubby says he was obsessed with the syrup!

Their crafty work! That hat is an RJ original:)

Plum tuckered out!


We were up and out of the house by 9:30am. Once we got on the road, I let the guys know we were heading to the Georgia Aquarium.

Our first stop was Legal Seafood for lunch.

Then, a stroll across the street.


I made this an easy-going day. Hubby opened the gift RJ made for him at school, I made breakfast and we headed to church.  After church, I just told Hubby he was free for a few hours. That evening we headed out to dinner at Miyabi’s Japanese restaurant.

This is supposed to be RJ all grown up…….. I have no words……..

Waiting for dinner

RJ was not a fan of the steam and fire. He did enjoy his food when the chef left the table.

Hubby LOVED his weekend of surprises and I LOVED putting it together for him.  I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families as well!

The M Spot Clan

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Christmastime at The M Spot

We had a wonderful Christmas!! Last year we took our then one month old to midnight Mass, ,but this year we attended the 4pm family Mass and it was PACKED!  It was standing room only an our church is fairly large. I was lucky to squeeze myself ,into the door, literally.  After church, we had a nice Christmas Eve meal at home.*Beef ribs, goat cheese mashed potatoes, sauteed green beans and banana pudding pie for dessert* RJ and I put out cookies for Santa, I got him to bed and then Hubby and I worked our Santa magic.   Our little guy woke up bright an early Christmas morning and we opened our gifts. Then, we hit the road to Charleston to celebrate with my family.  I hope your  Christmas was as awesome as ours!

Christmas Eve

Coming down the stairs Christmas morning!

He really enjoyed unwrapping the gifts!

I can do it Daddy!

That smile is priceless!

He really loved playing with all of his cousins.

RJ looks a little miserable, but I think it is a nice pic of us! LOL

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